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logigamer said:
GM CARD!!!? i see it.. I dont know much about this, is this a Regular CREDIT CARD ? i can use it to purchase anything i want? is it free if i apply? i earn points for each $100 purchase??? im wrong? :confused
GM Card is a Mastercard.
It's free.
You earn 5% credit toward GM vehicles on every dollar you spend on anything, including vehicle down payments that can be charged and get 5% credit toward that car. This credit has Nothing to do with dealer discounts, rebates or any of that other negociated nonsense, so there are no questions or arguements when you go to use it.

You don't get an immediate rebate on a vehicle just because you took their credit card...you have to use your card and buildup your "points" based on how much you've spent. $500 off a car would be after you've spent $10,000 on your credit card account ($1000 off after spending $20,000, etc) so you need to use it planning for future vehicle purchases if you are just starting off.

The only downside is that they Now limit the amount of credit applies to any given car. The least you'll get is $1000; some vehicles up to $3000.
When sales get slow or on leftovers the limits sometimes get raised.
In the good old days there were no limits and it wasn't unheard of to have gues getting $10 grand off their vettes; GM caught on fast.

Get the card if you plan on being a GM person!
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