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As a way of introduction for those who may have noted the new AMSOIL link in the upper left, I am the new forum vendor as an Independent AMSOIL Dealer.
While I don't have a GTO, I do have and race a Corvette Z06 in the SCCA Touring One class and have learned a thing or two about the LS1/LS6. I've been a forum vendor on the Corvette Forum, a sister site to this one for just shy of a year now, and when the opportunity presented itself to advertise here, I decide to give it a try.
I know AMSOIL brings mixed emotions and it is not my intention to get to far into oil vs oil debates. I feel AMSOIL is a good product or I wouldn't be using it in my Corvette on the track. And I like that it is an American company making its products in Wisconsin. As a forum vendor, I'd like to make AMSOIL available to those that want it without annoying the rest of you. If someone asks something about lubrication, I'll usually let them know about the applicable AMSOIL product, much as others will let them know about Mobil 1, Redline, etc.

With that said, you can find out more about my race team here:
You can find more about AMSOIL products on my dealer website:

To order AMSOIL products you can either click on the banner ad to the upper left, or in my signature, or following the directions on this page of my website:
AMSOIL Ordering Information
All profits from my AMSOIL dealership go to my race team, and a portion benefits this site, no matter which of these methods is used.

AMSOIL has a Preferred Customer Program that allows people to buy AMSOIL products at wholesale, about 20-25% under retail, and the same price as I pay. Cost is $10 for the first six months, $20 annually after that.
AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program

And, as a final note, the forum owner was gracious enough to let me have a "helper" on this site to act as my rep as I don't have a GTO and would be lacking the first hand experience needed to provide the answers you may need... and, I do have a "day" job that will take me away from the forum periodically. If you are not already an AMSOIL preferred customer or dealer and are interested, please contact me at [email protected] and I will provide you with more information.

Thanks. :cheers
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