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I was in Detroit in Jan car show man when I walked over to the GTO stage I was pissed! You call this neutered thing a legendary Pontiac GTO?
First I've owned several and currently still own a GTO. I was really
surprised and impressed by Ford display, they seem to get it! Like a shaker
hood option and many performance upgrades.
The guy who was doing the GTO display talked with me after the show and
stated" The GTO is like Rip Van Winkle coming out of a 30 years sleep"
It takes time for the car to awake. I stated " QUICK hurry please put Rip back to sleep and have him wake up in 2years from now..this is a nightmare"!
I truly believe the retro look would have been the ticket and here,s where the car needs to be redone.
1. The Hood needs scoops of some nature
2. better body lines NO cladding please!
3. dual exhaust tips a MUST!
4. motor HP option 300hp or the beast 405hp
5. upgraded sport seats and stereo options
6. rear spolier an option but not a must...
7. wheel and tire upgrade if desired...you play you pay
8. color choice standard with 4 option colors totally new

Well I know we all dont agree but that will always be the story. So I,am
hoping if the GTO is to stay alive I'd :eek: sure would like some changes....OH
one last example..I,am probably going to order the new Mustang convt for 2005. WHY?? well I,am not really a Ford guy but this car company came to play and I,am going to play with them sorry Pontiac. Get back to the basics and give the people what they want!
Happy motoring!! Billy Phoenix AZ

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This has been beat to death already. I'm going to close this thread. There are many of us that like the new GTO and would like to hang out at a site where it doesn't get put down all of the time.

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