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Hi, well to start off I am currently 19 years old, in college, and getting ready to start my new job at the local GM dealership as a bodyshop employee. I live in Emporia , KS and I own a '67 GTO. It all started for me when i was 12 years old. my dad wanted something to do together so we could "bond" i guess you could say. We purchased a '67 gto from out of town and over the corse of 4 years we rebuilt the engine and trans, redid all the floor pans, and started on the body work. I was just turning 16 and was anxious to start driving it. We were knee deep in body work, and i was getting very frustrated. We ended up stumbling on another '67 GTO that had been sitting for some years and was practically driveable. We ended up selling my rust bucket on Ebay for $6,350, and with some of the money i had we paid $7000 dollars for what you see below.

Those pictures were actually taken the day before i bought it, and the owner let us drive it into town at the car wash.

I have since put in a 455 bored out .060 from a '74 firebird. A small cam, complete rebuild, and all new stock pistons have been added. This picture is a little old but looks basically the same.

Other things i have done includes putting a posi trac (cone style) unit in with 3.55 gears, 17" Eagle alloy wheels, Griffin radiator, 750 edelbrock carb, Flowtech headers (junk), magnaflow mufflers, Hotchkis lowering springs, Energy suspension bushings, a painless full chassis wiring harness (still gaining up the courage for that), and as with any muscle car or hot rod a ton of forgotten goodies and parts along the way. here are some pictures of how it looks now.

From looking around at the site i think you have a good thing going here, and i cant wait to meet people and gain some knowledge along the way.
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