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Hello Everyone, I am brand new to this forum but have been into musclecars for my entire life and have had quite a few of all makes and models. I just bought a field find 1966 GTO tri-power project car. The engine and transmission are missing but it is fairly complete otherwise. I was told it was a factory tri power car so I went ahead and got the PHS report. It shows it was an original tri-power, 4 speed, factory a/c, tach and gauges, am radio with reverb, no console, bucket seats with headrest and reclining passenger seat. It is candle light cream with black interior. The story I got is the car was parked in 1975 (last tag still in place) and over the years the owner either sold off parts or they were stolen. A local man told me he bought the tri power from the car 30 years ago and he knew the car from new and it was sold here is Fort Smith, Arkansas. The body need restored but is mostly complete except for the engine and transmission.
I have been looking on the internet since I got the car and have not found many tri power 4 speed cars with a/c. Is this a fairly rare combo? What about the reclining passenger seat? I have not seen any others out there with one.
I look forward to any replies and help as this is my first 1966 GTO.
Thanks again, Steve


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