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Whats up guys, I'm a new forum member and soon to be new GTO owner. I've read a lot of stuff on the forum for the past couple months, but finally got around to registering. Obviously I'm excited to get my new GTO (05, M6, black on red) and the deals on the remaining 05's make it even better, definitely the best value out there for the kind of car I'm looking for.

Anyway, other than replacing the sloppy stock shifter, I would like to get some new wheels at some point. I like the factory 18's, but living in the Detroit area I need the all seasons on the 17's for the winter. Check out the attached picture and let me know what you think. I've always liked the look of a black car with black wheels and a polished lip. Kinda cheesy picture since I used Microsoft Paint, the poor man's Photoshop.

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