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Some of you may know I was heavily involved in the Tier One program, which built the first private spacecraft and put the first commercial astronauts into space.

One of the people I worked with was Brian Binnie, an ex-Navy test pilot and helluva nice guy. He flew the second X-Prize flight into space in SpaceShipOne.


A buddy of mine called tonight and told me about a commercial that has been playing during the NBA finals.

"It's a beer commercial with Burt Reynolds," he said, "Something about making Man Laws. There's a guy at the table in a flight jacket. I swear to God it looks like f*cking Brian Binnie."


"Yeah! Watch the game tomorrow night and you'll see."

Now, I'd rather chew the meat off of my own forearm than watch a game of basketball, so I did some research.

And I'll be damned.

Miller Light's "Men of the Square Table" commercial, where Reynolds and the crew (including Jerome Bettis and others, along with Brian) agree to "Man Laws."

http://manlaws.com/ - Enter and hit "Videos."

Brian doesn't get any lines, but it is a fiunny-assed commercial.

He's in the Bios section as well:

It's wrong of course ("Cruised into low Earth orbit at Mach 1.2"? WTF? more like suborbital at Mach 3+) but still very cool.
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