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We're very pleased to announce some new options for our reproduction SAP Grilles!

First off, we're now offering the molded plastic honeycombs, which are reproductions of the original SAP Honeycombs! Here's a photo of them installed in the bezels:

Unlike the original SAP Grilles, which came glued together, ours feature additional flanges on the honeycombs which allow the use of screws to attach the honeycomb to the bezel. Here's a picture of the back of the grilles:

In addition, we've gotten rid of the 'tab and clip' method that GM used on the originals. Instead, we're using high quality 18-8 Stainless Steel studs, nuts and washers! The plastic our grilles are made of is molded around the studs, providing a secure attachment method that won't break as easily as the OEM Grilles. Since we know how frustrating it can be to lose small parts, we're including two extra nuts and washers, just in case you lose them. Here are some photos of the studs molded into our new grille bezels:

Here's a picture from the back side of the bumper, showing the washer, nut and stud:

These changes have allowed us to lower prices to provide better value to you, our valued customer! In addition, we're going to be offering painted grille bezels in the Original SAP Silver color or matched to the color of your car!

Primed Grille Bezels Only; Ready to Sand and Paint - $189
Primed Grille Bezels and Hexagonal Perforated Steel Inserts - $209
Primed Grille Bezels and Molded Honeycomb Inserts - $239 Grille Bezels Only Painted SAP Silver - $269
Grille Bezels Only Painted to Match Your Body Color - $269
Grille Bezels Painted SAP Silver and Molded Honeycomb Inserts - $329
Grille Bezels Painted to Match Your Body Color and Molded Honeycomb Inserts - $329

Here's a photo of our Primed Bezels and Hexagonal Perforated Steel inserts:

Thanks for looking!

You can also see tons of pictures on our Flickr Photostream! Flickr: GTO Grilles' Photostream

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Those are great grills. How about selling 05-05 hood scoop inserts. I love to see red or yellow gtos with black inserts. Looks awesome
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