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hey fellas,
Don't be threatened by my avatar, you'll know how Monaro drivers feel ! ;) . . . hey i'm kidding, no flame wars please ! :D :shutme

anyway, i was bored during this new years / xmas break and going through my DVD collection i noticed something.

What does Dominic Torretto, Frank Castle and Xander Cage have in common ???

yeah, yeah . . . . you guys should know !

hey . . . Not a bad observation from a non-GTO dude. :D

Is the bad GTO from the 70s a favourite in recent movies ?
I've done a search on other GTO fan sites and no one seems to have made this connection. Are there other recent action movies out there with a GTO involved ?

anyway, this site looks cool.

PS . . . . i'm not converting, its not a reason I'm on here ! :p
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