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Hi all. I'm the proud owner of a 2006 quicksilver GTO with M6 and 18"ers, almost a month now. It was a birthday gift to myself. I love this car! I'd always wanted one since I learned that GM was bringing the Monaro CV8 over. I'd been lusting after the car since I saw the Holden Coupe Concept on the internet back in 1998. I guess all my emails to GM to PLEASE BRING IT OVER paid off!

I've been a Camaro buyer since 1973 when I bought my first new car. Getting in and out of those low slung cars was getting to be a chore for this aching body! The GTO is just right and any rear passengers have tons more room, too.

I suffered a blown passenger side strut after 500 miles. The dealer was able to get the new one and install it the same week. Suspension bushings look fine.
I did file a report with the NHTSA. After a bit over 700 miles, the driver side strut shows no leakage.

The GTO will be my fun car. I have a company Ranger p/u for work and my go-fer car is a 1999 Cavalier Z24. Funny, unlike what the car mags say, the GTO doesn't look like a bigger Cavalier! Definite GM bloodline, though.
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