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Hello everyone, AWESOME meet on the 14th!!!! Lots of beautiful rides and great friends. So get thoses cars shined up and ready and roar on over for some car talk and a nice cruise for some grub!!!

Date: September 28th, 2006

Place: MAC Accessories - 7040 SW 44th Street, Miami, FL

Time: 8:00pm

Plan: Meet at the shop enjoy the rides for about an hour and then cruise to Fuddruckers on 107th Avenue by International Mall.

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Here is the list so far;

Ruben - Camaro
Rudy - Corvette C6
Jonathan - Corvette C5 Z06
Ivette - Camaro
Danny - Corvette C6
Frank - VW GTI
Joel - Trans Am
Alex - Camaro
Jason - Corvette C6
Jonathan - GTO
Manny - GTO
Aldwrin - GTO
Alcides - Trans Am
Gilbert - GTO
Mike - Corvette C5 Z06
Chris - Mustang
Angel - H2
Dan - Mustang
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