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So I am in traffic I5 and I see this purple 1950's Chevy coming up behind me through traffic. He pulls next to me and waves. I then here him rev the engine. I rev mine a little. It is louder then his. He hits WOT. it is louder then my last. I hit WOT and it is MUCH louder then his. He smirks and steps on it, it is SUPER loud and Flames shot out the back. FLAMES. In the middle of traffic that is classic. Nice guy honked and waved......

Wish we could of Ran....

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I had a simular occurence a while back. I was on a four lane through a small part of town, in the right lane.
A black 56 Chevy pulled up beside me in the left lane about 35 mph and starts revving his engine. It was loud and
sounded good. His wife or girlfriend was with him and their windows were down. Just as we were coming up
on a red light, an Atomic Orange Z06 pull out in front of me and stops for the red light. The 56 pull up next to
it and starts revving the engine. I couldn't see into the Z and the rear tires were HUGE. The exhaust was very quiet
and it never got above idle. When the light changed, the Z disappeared! There were a few squeaks as it lost a
little traction, but that was it. I have never seen a street car hook up sooo hard. I must have blinked my eyes,
and the next thing I saw was the brake light as it was stopping for the next red light. I pulled off and the 56 was
still sitting there and the woman was having a fit. She was laughing, clapping and hitting the guy on the shoulder.
He was so shook that he just sat there.

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