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Just dropping a note to let all know that I am still alive .... and well, but have been straight out. Haven't driving the goat in over a month, and now that winter is coming, might just be putting it away for finishing touches.
By the time I get home, the recliner looks pretty good.
I know I owe Eric some photos of my 505 brackets ( will send soon promise) .
Off to Canada for work on Monday, so another week shot playing.
Will get back into it shortly and will be happy to add my dribble to the thoughtful responses.

Mitch, just happened to see your handy work! Look at the bright side.... no scratches on the roof! Glad you were not hurt.
This is the first time I have been able to check in in over a month.I WILL RETURN!..... I think someone else said that!!

rich :seeya
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