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Very sick videos, awesome a burnout thread.
This is the car I work on and pit for. 3600 hp pro mod 66 Chevy II. 526 Hemi supercharged on Alcohol, 52 PSI of boost.
youtube correct burnout - Bing Videos
This is our driver, Michael Neal, against his dad, both do 1/8th mile burnouts. Michael is in his promod during this one, not the Chevy II. michael neal burnout - Bing Videos
Here's a vid of them pulling the tires 3 times, 3rd time is at 150 MPH, crazy driver, most would just lift, this is at my hometrack.
The Chevy II blew the blower the last 4 times they raced and blew the windshield out, found out they had a bad coil/MSD box. No fire videos, but I want to see them, didn't go with.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts