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GM Kid said:
Okay, I've had nearly a week with my new GTO, and you know what that means: I'm noticing all kinds of things about it, both good and bad.

That "bad" things are just the usual imperfections you find on any mass-assembled item: Little things that aren't quite symmetrical or that could've used a bit more attention to detail.

I'm learning an important distinction between imperfections and genuine problems, though: Problems merit attention and need solving; imperfections you just forget about.

The good things far outweigh any niggling annoyances. As I said in my last post, this is a good-looking car. It's always gratifying to drive something you enjoy looking at. It's also just plain crazy powerful. I'm going to have to buy a radar detector. Somehow, I was more mindful of my speed in the Vette. In this thing, I find myself well over the speed limit with regularity. I like the gauges, dash layout, seats, and the view through the windshield, which includes those neato-cool hood scoops.

Oh, and I LOVE the exhaust note.
I have had mine now for a little over 2 weeks and I am just loving it. I don't miss my TA at all. I just hit the 1,000 mile mark which bugs me because it is not my DD but I just can't stopp driving it.. I agree with you about the speed thing. I also find myself well over the speed limit and not knowing it.. The only things I don't like about mine is the damn brick for a key and no power door locks!! Other than that so far I have not found anything that I don't like.. Well the stereo could be better
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