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Ok I am starting a new thread to clarify what the status of the ride is. Ok everyone on the 11th of Oct. we will be riding the dragon on thr way to the hellbender loop. If you look at the maps page it is the second route. It should be plenty long and this route allows for a little more stretching of your cars legs. In other words its not near as tight as the Dragon. This is the route we ran the first time our Rex's members rode with us. Maybe we can get Marvin, Eric, and Gary back on a ride. Lets see if we can at least match last times turnout. It seems hassles are less the bigger the group. So the importants are below. If an questions PM me or go to site below.

When: Oct. 11th
Meet Time: 9:00 am
Where: We will meet at the Airport Hilton
Departure Time: 9:30
Route: Hwy 129 straight to the HB loop
Destination: stops on the route TBD but will end at restaurant to see game
Who: SCF members any anyone else who wants to roll.
Precautions. Everyone ride at own risk and to your own ability.*

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