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When: April 10th, Starts @ noon!
Price: $50 for 3 pulls
Cruise info - TBD

Well with spring quickly approaching its time to get into gear, no pun intended, hahaha.a buddy and i have a car club called canton lsx, with the rate that it was growing, we decided to have an ohiolsx, and have smaller chapters for each town, cantonlsx, akronlsx, cbuslsx, ect. well we have grown significantly. close to 70 members now, and we are starting to prepare for our first gathering. After talking it over with some people, we decided to go with a dyno day/cruise/show. The dyno shop we have chosen is dyno tune motorsports, we have set a date, April 10, 2010, it is a saturday, we are hoping to get started around 10 oclock. As far as the dyno time and pricing will go, we are going to offer 3 pulls, air-fuel/boost, and for those who have an lsx series, we are also offering data logging. all for just $50!! if we gain enough intrest, and enough people show up, we will be giving away prizes for highest horsepower, highest tourque, best of show ect. ect. We will have a cookout throughout the day, as well as some other activities. After we get done with the dyno/show, we will be cruising to a spot in columbus that has yet to be announced(i need some of you columbus guys to give us some ideas for this). hopefully everything will go smoothly, and we wont have any hiccups. So let us hear your input on all of this, we do this all for you guys!!! we are 100% non profit and do it all for the enjoyment!!!! ANY GM muscle welcome to attend. (gm powered, hybrids swaps included) thanks!!!!
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