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On my oil pump, the press in part of the screen tube is too dam short and will hit the pump.
In the pics it is barely started and is a 1/4'' from hitting the pump but needs to go in another 3/8"
I called Melling and they told me ya normally press it in with the pickup over the top of the bottom of the pump
(if that makes sence)
Then it will hit the bottom of the pan..........:(
The pick up cannot be pressed in below the level of the bottom of the pump as it would hit the rods caps.
what's the deal?
thanks as always


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Go to Melling's web site. There is a video on how to properly set the gap of the bottom of the oil pan to the pick up tube screen.

Use Gr 8 bolts on the pump with red locktite torqued to 30 ft lbs.

Don't forget to put the shaft in first. The short end, dippled part of the shaft is at the top of the engine when it is sitting upright.
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