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it's a sad day. i was on the freeway yesterday and a semi in front of me lost it's retread. it went underneath the ford explorer in front of me and came flying out behind it and right into my front end and then underneath my car. i pulled over and checked for damage and saw the bumper hanging out beyond the sheet metal. crap! also marked it up pretty good. then after i started driving the check engine light came on, so when it went underneath it must have snagged an O2 sensor or something. the truckers insurance is going to pay for it all. the explorer had some damage too. i got an estimate today for the body work, and it was $1200. i'm a bit nervous because they said silver is the hardest color to match well. i sure hope it looks just like new when they're done. i hate it when you can tell a car had a body panel painted. i'm going to take it in on monday to the dealer to get the engine light corrected. hopefully it's a quick fix.
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