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I am about to put on some Banshee exhaust tip inserts into my '04's rear bumper. I am having a body shop do it. I was planning to just install them as is - they are black urethane and I thought black looked good against the pulse red and is about identical to the trim around the windows.
I was advised by PFYC to paint them, even if I do it myself so I am examining my options for DIY painting. I was considering using a flat black Krylon for plastic spray.
You really can't see much of the inserts when they're installed, just the lip around the outside of the bumper so I don't want to put too much into it. I mainly got them to insure the structural strength of the bumper after it was cut for the second exhaust pipe.

Advise/opinions on just using the Krylon or is there a better option? I am not going to pay the bodyshop to paint them - that would double the cost of the install in and of itself.
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