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yellow04gto said:
looking for any info on the the pedders track II oem height suspension. any info or dealers would be a help...thanks
This is sort of a repost, but the original was buried in loads of spammy crap from the usual suspects, since removed...

I did a lot of research, including asking the M8s in Oz what they would recommend. The verdict was overwhelmingly that Konis (or Bilstiens, though I can't find them here in the US).

My suspension upgrade, bought from Mike White at DMS Motorsports (Bay Area CA, 925-560-4401 ) installed by Corvette suspension guru Guldstrand Motorsports (Burbank, CA http://guldstrand.com/ ).

These parts:

Front wheels: 1 deg negative camber, 1-1/2 degree positive caster.

Rear Wheels: 1 degree positive caster

Settings- All Konis on Medium, Hotchkis bars set to center hole.

Overall- Amazing, unbelievable. Hard to believe it's the same car. Definitely feels BMW-esqe now-- which was my goal.

Steering force required has gone up slightly. I call this a definite good thing.

The dreaded "dead zone" is gone at freeway speed. Any input, no matter how small, points the car in a new direction. There is a bit of "dartiness"-- which is why the car is sold with a less-aggressive alignment. This car must now be driven. If you cruise while talking on the cell phone- don't get this suspension!

The damping is much improved. Uneven road surfaces pass under the car with easy rapidity- no bounce, no jarring. The car is squeak-free.

The pronounced "boatiness," made much worse by the fact that my car had over 50k miles on the OEM struts, is completely gone. Hard acceleration nets a flat, stable body attitude- same goes with hard braking. Car remains very controllable with very hard braking as well- gone is that pronounced "push" understeer felt as the stock radius bushings would deform.

Directional stability is awesome, even at speeds up to 125 mph. At these speeds, the car feels solidly planted and completely at home.

I may move the rear Hotchkis sway bar to a more aggressive stting, however- there is still a slight tendency to understeer when push hard, and I prefer a car that oversteers (especially these cars, which throttle-steer so nicely).

As it is now, oversteer is easy enough to induce, also very easy to arrest and control- even on damp roads. My current set-up will kick the tail out with a well-timed jab of throttle while turning, but the nose snaps back in line with the current velocity vector when you pop off on the gas.

I think I would only make the rear sway shorter (stiffer) if I were autocrossing, as that should make the car a bit more "tail happy" and may be good for a tight ax course-- but for regular canyon-carving I'd leave it as is.

The coolest thing about this setup is that you are left with far more options than the OEM suspension gives you.

I have to get to a track. This has definitely transformed my Holden into a no-kidding M3-slayer. :twisted:
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