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HI! New to this forum and looks grrrreat so far. I have a question and I'm sure a few of you have done it before. :) I was looking to get some documentation on a 1968 GTO Convertible that I am thinking about selling. I did find some info on decoding the VIN, and found out that it is a real GTO. I have had this car for years and pretty sure that it is all numbers matching ( posi-rear end, 4-speed Tranny, 400 4bbl Engine), but want to be sure for resale. Is the PHS documentation very descriptive? How do I get this through PHS? What info do I need? Is it just VIN# and Cowl tag? What is the contact info for PHS? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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