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Hello all !!
I posted this in another forum and thought I'd try here too.

I tried to install a Pioneer 6800 head unit in wifes Goat.
When the Pioneer head unit is in I get a fuel gauge error message.
If I stick the stock unit back in, no problems.
Must I use a steering wheel control adapter ??
Has anyone else had this issue with an aftermarket HU.
I tried "unhook the battery trick" to reset but still happens with the Pioneer unit installed !!
I used the Scosche wiring adapter and think I wired everything up correct, but I could be wrong.
Does anyone have a pic of their wiring job to compare.
I'm thinking it has something to do with the brown (mutes) or orange (illum) wires ?????
What about the blue amp wires ? I have read we do and don't need it ??

Thanks in advance.

2004 YJ/A4
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