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I e-mailed Pontiac PR a couple of weeks ago and suggested that they do a GTO parking area and a tech session. This is their target audience, and would let others see the cars and talk to the owners. I also figured that a tech session would be great for us. I am sure you can figure by now that I haven't received a response, even though they say on the web site that they will get back within 48 hours. They are missing a great opportunity at an event that they sponsor. It is clearly one of the reasons that GM is on their way to bankrupcy...they don't know how to promote one of the few decent cars that they sell.

I have been meaning to contact the dealer that I purchased the car from to speak with Pontiac, but have been swamped at work. I will try to get to him by the end of the week. If anything positive comes out of this I will post it here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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