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I saw some numbers on another forum that reported September GTO sales went through the roof. I guess the combo of inventory and end-of-year incentives are finally getting some GTO's out in the system in numbers. It's as follows...........................

Well, I would say the discounts and deals have certainly helped GTO sales. The figures were just released, and GTO sales were up 177% in the last month. Yes, you read that right 1-7-7 percent.

They sold 2,678 GTOs in September.

That's astonising. The GTO has been out for 10 months, and in the first half of that period (dec03 through apr04) they sold fewer GTOs than they did in the single month of September.I think the verdict is clear. GM priced the GTO too high, and GM and the dealers kept sales down for the first 7 months. June was the low point, with only 598 units sold. Thereafter sales increased 50% in July, 8% in August, and 177% in September.They've sold 8308 units since December 2003. If sales keep to the average then they will have 9972 unites moved in the first year. But if sales keep to the current level of about 2500 per month for the next two months, they will have sold about 13,300. That would be very creditable sales against the plan of 18,000 units in the first year.
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