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Went to Ft. Lauderdale today to visit family. Ran the Florida Turnpike down. On the way down a guy in a Porsche 911 appeared in my mirrors. As he got his front bumper equal with my back the urge hit. 6-4 downshift and nail the gas. It was over real quick. A piece of advice regarding Porsche's, let them pass and make sure they are not Turbo S models before you try to play. OOOOPS.
Then on they way back I decided to run I 75 to rt 27 north. On 75 I got behind a Cobra Vert. He started going fairly quick through traffic and then when it opened up got on it a bit. I don't think he fully went at it, and I didn't either, we just ran up to 110-115 and let off. If he was going at it, it was a weak Cobra. I know what those things are capable of and wasn't getting it out of this one. Nice car though and a nice guy. It was silver with a black top and real clean and stock looking. He gave me a thumbs up and a wave as I passed him, and I waved back.
I got onto 27 to head north from Lauderdale. The road is perfectly straight flat and smooth divided four lane that is very lightly traveled. About 5 miles up a CTS V comes along. I hit it as soon as he got even with my back bumper. He was going about 80 and I was at 70. I started to pull away fairly good till about 100 when we seemed to even up a bit and I just slowly pulled on him to 135 where I let off. I'm sure he wasn't expecting it so I got the jump on him. I slowed and he did to back to about 90, where we went at it again. Same result, from 90 to 135 I pulled about 5 to 6 cars on him. I slowed back down to 70 and he kept going. I assume he didn't have a radar detector, I saw him about 10-12 miles later talking to a FHP.
Car got 23.4 MPG.
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