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Hi guy and girls.
I have some cool stuff, and will be posting more possibly within the week.
So for starters, a couple of these items are hard to come by, I wanted to make my tempest like the 66GTO I had back in 1980, that was equipped with the features..

So I have this parts still in the original boxes sitting in my office as I received them..
First the power windows from new relics bought brand new opened just to take pictures,, same goes for tilt wheel..

Power windows $750 shipped.
Tilt with levers $1650 shipped
Power seat $1600 shipped
Power seat, extremely hard to find like this, I have completely gone through the trans, works perfect, I also soaked the 2 actuators for 24 hours to remove old grease and filled with synthetic grease.I also removed both cables gave thourogh cleaning and used a white grease for lubrication.. the seat has a helper spring, I have a video of it working on a small power toy battery. The only issue, not really an issue but you'll see me pointing to a rivet and appears it may have came un rivet on other side, it does move, not a lot, I was going to put a small weld on the upper part to avoid Any future problems, just before installing.. there is a small Crack on one side skirt very minor it's shown, the side cover for the seat switch has seen better days, it has been dyed..it also has original bolts, and no wires have been cut..

The tilt is for a 1966 GTO COMPLETELY RESTORED..
Heads up on purchasing, I used paypal 1 time for selling, just sold my ashtray light.. I am a buyer, never seller until now. So you will need to add buyer protection as I don't know how too..
Any question please ask..
I have more pictured of the seat, tilt and windows.

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