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Had to have the whole power steering lines replaced,had to send to philadelphia for parts took 3days .It was a hole in the pressure hose, it happened while I was backing up turning,couldn't steer and then smoke poured out from the engine,and saw red fluid on the ground i was scared my goatwas broken,couldn't reach my husband so i panicked and called my salesman who sold me my baby in tears, he came right up to me and called the tow truck for me, he knows just how much i love this gto, the service dept. gave me top service.Greiner Pontiac in Victorville ,Calif.So far everything is ok, just must have been a bad part, it wasn't rubbing or anything else that we can tell,hope nobody else has this problem.Its not fun having your GTO in the garage, i wanna drive it.This car is awesome,still love it!
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