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dealernut said:
Heads up guys,

The rebates have changed on the goats.

06 GTO - Rebate $500.00 and Decrease of MSRP causes any Joe Schmo off the street to.

05 GTO - Rebate $2500 and whatever discount the local dealership is running. I am $500 back of invoice

Anyways its great that they are lowering the MSRP of the 06's but as of now they are not lowering the bottom line of the cars. The dealerships did however get dealer cash that can be applied to a deal, up to $1000.00, which will help out the bottom line. But it is extremely limited amount of dealer cash(If I gave dealer cash on every deal I did last month then it would only be $87.00 per customer).
The dealer I'm buying called me right before I read this- - said he was sending a $500 check down with the car. I thought that was pretty good, since our deal was "done" so to speak.
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