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Wrx74 said:
Can some one help me understand i think i saw a serpentine Kit a tuner kit and like a regular kit any one help me understand what comes with each of these?

HO Intercooled System
7psi, 50-55% horsepower gain (5 psi pulley also available)
P-1SC-1 ProCharger, custom GTO specific air to air intercooler
100% complete with fuel injectors and handheld programmer
Dedicated 8 rib drive system with automatic belt tensioner

Tuner kit
Omits fuel injectors and programmer
Otherwise identical to the HO Intercooled System

D-1SC Serpentine Race Kit.....
intended for modified applications
8 rib drive system - requires the purchase of an aftermarket harmonic damper. ProCharger crank pulley is compatible with Fluiddamer part number 740102. This may also be compatible with other manufacturers
Otherwise the same as the Tuner kit

hope this helps ya

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Anyone have it yet?

Does anyone have an ATI Procharger Kit yet? I'm really interested. I have a tuner in town that installs these but I haven't seen anyone on the forum with one installed. They are said over 500hp at the engine.
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