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hey guys I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone on here. I'm Danny I just purchased a
1970 GTO convertible
Power windows
Cardinal red paint
Sandalwood int
It's only letting me post one pic?
From so cal one owner, matching number all original car. Does need some TLC.. From what I hear it's a pretty rare car:bannana: Went through hell to get this car lol :boxing_smiley:major story behind this car!!
Anyways I'm excited:biggrin2: I'm going to have lots of questions and opinions on what I should do so I know there's lots of gurus out there. Not sure wether to keep all original, upgrade minor upgrades things to keep the value idk.. Need your opinions.im driving G/F nuts with buying things from OPGI and eBay lol she'll get over it..

1st thing I'm doing is rebuild the front end , previous owner heated the springs to lower it?! So I think I'm gonna order a polyurathan complete kit and upgrade the shock with bilstien and 1inch drop springs?

2nd I'm went to get my exhaust done and the guy said I should upgrade my headers to ram air , I think I might just do a whole ram air kit to! What do you think? Opinions are very much appreciated!!! Lol


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Nice looking 70 you have there! Welcome to the forum. I recommend that you make the car mechanically sound and enjoy before you start making major changes. :Scottwax1:

Post your pictures using our "garage" feature on this forum, go to your user CP or click on the My Photos under your avatar to get started! :bannana:
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