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Ok, all you guys from Chicago, Indy, and anywere near purdue, I expect a good showing of GTOs. Sadly my car has stood as the only goat the last couple years. We need a herd. This show is put on by the Purdue Automotive Performance Association (known as PAPA) I am heavily involved with this club, and this is our one big car show.

Some reasons you guys might want to come out:

*The whole weekend is based around racing. (Purdue Grand Prix)
*You don't want to make me be the lone goat.
*You want to show off your car in person.
*We are a great group of guys
*We make some pretty sick trophies.

I might sound desperate, but so be it! We ussually expect around 100 cars, and I will be running it for the most part this year. So just come. It'll be cool.

Anyways here is the flyer!!!!

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