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Well first off I will say I will be brief because I am on a free trial of AOL Dial Up that is crawling, my DSL gets hooked up next week (I moved.)

The vendor I listed for 349.00 shipped rocked. He sent tracking in 24 hours and it got here 3 days after that.

It is pretty much plug and play. The manual is great too because your guages act funny and I got a SES/CEL when storing my stock tune (that's the first thing it does is retain your stock flash to memory.

But they were easily not only read (the trouble codes) but cleared with one push of a button. I chose the Performance Tune and adjusted my rim size to 18 instead of 17. I had my shift firmness from 1-2-3-4 fat 15 % but that was too jerky so I backed it down to 10 % and then 8 % and then normal for the final gears and changed my rpm's and speed that it shifts (extended them a bit) for 1-2 and 3-4 (for the track) and probably gained a few tenths at the track after all was said and done. I also have my #1 and #2 fan coming on sooner which will be an AWESOM benefit this summer. It's 30's and 40's here but dry and crisp hehe and this car flat out flies. I took a motorcyle in foirst gear and he missed second and bogged and then I slowed down and he slowed down to see aht type of car actually took him in first (his first 5 feet was a wheelie) and gave me a thumbs up. For a car of this weight to take a bike off the line in first is just incredible.

Bottom line is more to come but 2 thumbs up and love this tuner.

I haven't messed with spark, or A/F and timing yet but I am sure that is coming I am going to the track Wednesday to see how she does and will post my time slips to my website, I have high hopes because this car has so much torque that if I can hook off the line I will probably suprise many here with my slips, right now it just sits there and spins so I know from experience this will even be magnified at the track, I may lazy launch and lose a few tenths to hook then try and make it up at the top end if I can't get traction, we shall see. That's about it. I am curoius though to see what others have for settings with this tuner as for shift rpm's and speed and A/F /Timing for those with A4's and catbacks (SLP) if you are out there please chime in and I will check back later!


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