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That was fun...not a kill if you wanna get technical because (a) he never passed me and (b) we were just sort of Banzai Running...we hit ~135+ on the LA side of Gorman on the Grapevine / I-5 (didn't look down much...just got a glance or so). Guy knew what he was doing...we boogied along for ~10 miles or so, easily exploiting hole in traffic, with him never getting in my blindspot.

I don't wanna hear a lecture, so secure it.

I've ran with WRXs before...they've never been a factor and most cannot keep up (STi excluded- those are little beasts). This guy had obviously chipped it at least and definitely had an aftermarket exhaust...beyond that, I dunno.

I really need that suspension...I can totally tell the struts have gone soft .The expansion joints and patches on the freeway were unsettling to the Holden, especially at over 125 and in a sweeping curves and hills of that section of the freeway...damping was poor. Got my attention, be sure.

After the run, he pulled alongside, we rolled the windows down, and exchanged the ceremonial nods and thumbs up.

Wait till I have the new suspension underpinnings next week- M3 Slayer, be sure.
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