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Gave a buddy of mine a ride in my 05' goat... I was at 65 mph in 5th gear.... I hit 6th gear and at a bat of an eye I was at 100 mph the tac was only reading 3000 RPM... Man-o-days what a rush. She didn't even break a sweat. The "rock opera" coming from the exhausts are truly amazing. As deep and as loud as it is, with the windows up, you can barely hear it. The sound system is just fantastic as well. Only one thing at this time I have a concern about... the dang gas cap. Am I the only one out there that has this blasted cap getting in the way of the gas nozzle? No place to hang the cap while fueling, and laying it in the well it gets in the way. Any takes?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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