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Has anyone seen the news on what King Bush the first wants to do now?

I caught part of this.......

He wants to bring over Iraqi "Refugees."

He states they will be screened and the "bad ones" won't be allowed in.

What boggles my mind is.... Our Leaders over in Iraqi cannot distinguish the good from the bad often enough to save their own lives, and often when they deem someone not a threat, they are blown up by the ones that they checked out and cleared.

Imagine this going on here. The king wants to tighten the boarders then turns around and wants to open the gates for refugees from Iraq pour in here. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly will filter in here for us to take care of. The murders will flow in here and our tax dollars will help fund them to come after us with our own money.

Al-Qadea, and a like will flood in here. This is scary. Perhaps if the government could be trusted not to screw this up it wouldn't be too bad, but they have proven over and over again their ineptness. If this goes down, you can count on those bastards waltzing in here laughing at us.
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