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Team PI's The Coastal Maine Rally August 13-14th, 2011
Starting point: Top of Cadillac Mountain, Bar Harbor Maine.
End point: Bangor Maine on the following day.

With over 500 miles along some of the most scenic routes and best check points in the state of Maine, surrounded by fifty sports cars, muscle cars, and other unique rides, searching for secret check points at incredible places. with amazing check point locations all over t...he state of Maine you will see everything from Coastal Auto Body " Air ride demonstrations" to one of the greatest indoor and outdoor shopping plaza's on the east coast, or how about even being on top of the world where on clear days you can see canada! This is going to be the ultimate Maine driving experaince and a must do in 2011 !

The Coastal Maine Rally will be a non-profit rally will all proceeds going to the Patrick Dempsey Cancer Foundation. The Coastal Maine Rally, in association with Rally North America (or RNA) is organized with 3 things in mind. Cool cars, great memories, and raising money for charity. Where many rallies charge large fees for profit, Team PI aims to keep costs low with all proceeds going to the Patrick Dempsey Cancer Foundation. Not only will this rally be a memorable experience, but you will be driving for a cause. Driving, to cure.

The Coastal Maine Rally Details are each team will be given a card with checkpoints they must visit listed at the beginning of the day. Each team will need to stop at these checkpoints, (we hope you will anyway because they will be something you will want to take time to see) and have some form of proof you were there, such as a picture with you and/or your vehicle. Why will you need proof you were there? We are awarding cash prizes to the top 3 teams. These prizes will be awarded based upon your total rally miles. We will check the odometer of each car before and after the rally. The 3 teams with the shortest miles will receive a prize. We encourage you to take your time and really enjoy the stops we make along the way. Any traffic violations you receive on the rally will result in penalty's, so please, for your sake take your time and really enjoy the roads we will be driving on. This rally is stopping in many different locations, you may live in or near Maine but I assure you there will be something you have not seen before. So please, fuel up, drive safe, and have fun!

No matter what you drive, you are more then welcome to join this exclusive scavenger hunt. This early in the organization we have American Muscle, Imports, and even a few trucks registered. With a fifty car cap registration will fill quickly, so sign up while you can!

If you are interested in signing up for this, make a minimum $50 deposit to:[email protected] : there will be receipts!
Registration must be paid in full by June, 1 2011. You may make the full payment at any point between now and then, but to reserve a spot you must make the deposit.

Registration for this event will be $275. This covers the decal package you will receive for your vehicle, the hotel we will be staying in at the end of day 1, entrance into the various checkpoint locations, and will go towards the winnings/charity.

Psychotik Illusions Auto Club
Auto Fan ( still under construction )
Facebook: Psychotik Illusions Auto Club

Here is a list of the cars and numbers currently signed up for the rally:

12 - Team Mach 1 - 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1
37 - Team Mini - 2003 Mini Cooper
76- Team Insane- 1995 chevy 1500
475 - Team Nizmo - 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5
614 - Team Rebel - 1986 Chevrolet K10

We are also looking for sponsors, If your interested please contact us ASAP. Thanks!
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