Jim Hand’s first book, "How to Build Max Performance Pontiac V8s", was published from 2003 till about 2012 by CarTech. It was one of the first “entirely digital” books published by CarTech and they asked that its content be photographed in black and white. Late in the book’s distribution life, CarTech considered rereleasing the book, although this time in full color. Unfortunately, as originally requested, (photos in black and white), there were no color digital images to use as substitutes so it was discontinued. Fortunately, Rocky Rotella, a well-known Pontiac enthusiast, builder, writer and historian, was able to provide text and photos to enable CarTech to offer an updated and different version of the book under the same name in late 2012.

We noted that shortly after discontinuing the original version of the "How to Build Max Performance Pontiac V8s", a limited demand for it started to appear. Fortunately, in 2021, the publisher very graciously allowed us (the copyright owners) to have the rights to the original book’s content. With this, we were permitted to release the original information and photos in another book, under another title.

NO information was intentionally changed or updated in this new version. In fact, it looks and reads pretty much the same. All of the recommendations and manufacturer’s names were left as listed and part specifications were not changed or updated. And, in all cases where photo rights were owned, the original photos were reused. Basically, nothing technical changed. However, based on previous consumer and enthusiast comments and suggestions, information about Dad's Wagon was added in a new Appendix. And, using current technology, various QR codes are spread throughout the new version of the book to enable a smart phone to be used so readers can hear the wagon's exhaust, listen to the engine, and see the Wagon running at the KCIR strip.

You will note the cover is all new and this book has a new title. It has a new cover engine photo that is the correct color. The rear cover has Mark Ervin's fabulous drawing. And, it is printed in the United States of America.

I have a very limited amount being printed. The cost will be close to the typical book price today (around $30 or so) and I will have them in a few weeks. I will ship them from here in the KC area and Media Mail may be around $5 and I bet the Priority Mail will be around $10. And, I'll donate a part of the money received from folks on this site to the GTO forum for allowing me to announce this new book here.

Thank you all so much. You can send me a private Message and I'll contact you after I get them here and ready to send out.

Tom Hand. February 2023