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For those of you playing the home game:

I had an arbitration date for my GTO set for 4/13. GM's business Resource Center called offered me these choices the DAY BEFORE my arbitration:

- 5yr/70k Majroguard warranty
- Repurchase, less mileage
- Replacement, less mileage

I agreed to call off the BBB thing, stating that I'd accept one of their offers. Today they call me, and tell me that the only thing they offered was the warranty. That they were only discussing the repurchase hypothetically. When I asked her, "why would you run me numbers and offer to call me back to help me make my decision if there was no decision to make?" She couldn't answer me.

She had her manager conference called in. So, after telling her that it was unfathomable that a company as large as GM would bait and switch me to get me to drop the case, i hung up.

And called the Executive Office. After heatedly retelling my case, the man sounded skeptical, as if he was of course going to back my case manager up. Then, he read the notes.

In the notes that she made herself were the full details of my offer, including the repurchase/replacement.

This is the worst-run, most underhanded and devious company I've ever, EVER dealt with. I'm losing my mind...
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