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well i learned something today.

next time ask them to fax the offer to you, no matter what.

actually i did that with geico when the 944 was stolen. we agreed on a number. through all the discussions it was the value plus tax. when i got the fax it didnt say anything about tax.

i called back and my adjuster told me it was a total #. WTF!! i tore her a new one, and told her to close the case and elevate it. any time she started to explain i told her to elevete it, and that my offer went up 2k.

ten minutes later she calls back and tells me her manager OKd the original number plus tax. i told her she had 15 minutes to fax me the offer in order for me to accept it. if she couldnt get it done in 15 minutes, just elevate the case and let the judge decide.
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