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Road Force Is Your Friend!!!

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I bought my 04 m6 about a month ago with 20000 miles on it. after my first long haul on the freeway, the slightest vibration in my steering wheel pissed me off a bit, I took it to the place I bought it from, they told me to go pound sand(saturn dealer) so I road force balanced the tires at my work, all 4 were out of round, could not get them warrantied by my jerk boss (chevy dealer) took my car to a Pontiac dealer and told them what the problem was, and that I had marked all the problems on the inside sidewalls of the tires...they redid the road force balance themselves and came up with the same #'s as me...and now I'm rolling on a brand new free set of BFG's. see, not all dealerships are bad....but weird not being able to work on my own car.:willy:
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