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Hello guys and girls!
I am very proud to become one of the owners of a really kool car, a dark blue, with blue interior '06 GTO with 6M an 18".

this is my first "domestic", well I can't really call it domestic, but as close as it gets car that i bought (Japaneese/import always till this time)
So a tad about me:
27 y/o
Industrial Engineer
Interests: cars (from engine teardowns to strapping forced inductions), dogs (have a chocalate lab and fawn boxer), gardenining and well girls...

No i don't type like a retard to upset people, no i am not a short bus passanger, just quite often i type as i would say and i was born in former ussr... english and russian is the same...i would sound funny in any of those languages, so please accept my apologiezes for this msconduct

ilber<-finally i can rumble with my car:):party:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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