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I took delivery of my GTO on May 20th, and though I kept my "daily driver", my Bonnieville, Ol' Bonnie hasn't left the driveway in the last 67 days. The GTO has been driven every day for an average of 118 miles per day, and for the last month, I haven't had to drive anywhere! Man, I just love driving that car.

I knew this sad day would come, but today...the Goat stayed in the stable, and will not be driven :( It's almost like having sex every day for a couple months, and then you don't...something is missing! Oh well...I'll have to take her out for an extra-long spin this weekend.

After owning the GTO for a month and not seeing the Bonneville budge, my wife said, "Oh, why don't you just go ahead and sell the Bonnie...you know you're not going to drive the thing again" :cheers While that did sort of sound appealing to me especially considering it needed a few hundred dollars or work, all it took was one drive in the rain with the GTO and it convinced me. My Bonneville is not going anywhere!!! Maybe it is just a matter of perspective when I see people say that the GTO is "good in the snow", but I just can't see that. I have a rock driveway that slopes both heading out into the street and onto my concrete pads leading to the garage. Hell, it's hard enough moving just on gravel! The other day when it rained :rofl: Again..."good" in the snow? If it snows even an inch or two here, there's no way I'm going to make it out of my driveway.

The Bonnie needed work, so I jumped in this morning, mashed down on the clutch :eek: , reached down, and tried to roll down the windows on my center console :eek: , and thought, "holy cow". What a difference it is driving that thing after two months of the GTO! Having said that...I still do love my Bonneville, and she's a beautiful Pontiac too.

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