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Well don't pay through the nose to get anything shipped via overnight with these guys.

I ordered some DEI heat shielding for $30. Paid an additonal $29 for overnight shipping. Because I work normal hours, I asked to have the package held at the FedEx distribution center for pick up. No problem they say.

What happened? Found out this morning when I called for a tracking number that they neglected to have the package held at distribution as requested. Meaning it was on a truck to my house. I left work immediately to be home when it arrived. (hey, it's St. Paddy's day and I wanted to be home anyway)

Get home only to check the FedEx tracking a few minutes ago and see a flag as "undeliverable - wrong address". Called FedEx and found out that not only did they not hold it at distribution, but SFX didn't give them MY APARTMENT NUMBER either!!

When I called SFX and explained the situation, hoping to be re-imbursed at least in part for the shipping, I was told to handle it with FedEx and have the driver come back out today. Which I already TRIED to do and was told that it was NOT possible.

As far as I'm concerned SFX made the numerous mistakes, not FedEx.

I guess the moral is not to order anything if you actually NEED IT right away.

Sorry guys, had to vent....
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