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After a grueling 6 weeks wait, she finally arrived:

Already started the tear down and these are the known's: I DO need to replace the frame but I have an El Camino frame already and it's boxed. I know it's a little longer than the GTO's but easy fix.
The body is in relatively good shape but will need some repairs on the rear fender wheel wells and I am not sure yet how much of the floors I'll have to replace. The tunnel and lot's of the floor are OK but it has random rust on different areas of the floor. This is at the drivers door sill. Does a new floor pan go out to this area?

And the trunk isn't too bad but this is the area of the convert. well. Where the top folds down into. Random rust. I don't think that a trunk pan covers this area and may have to fab it in. Thoughts?

And one small area at the lower windshield drivers side. Not rusted through but pitted.

That's what I have so far. Time will tell what I will run into when I get the body off and blasted. :surprise:
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