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Ok im sitting at my spot on highway 281 waiting for something to race to drive bye. no luck until a clean copper orange integra goes bye. Quiet car. stock rims, No stupid ricer wings or nothing. but enough noise to get my attention . well i go catch up.

its this body style i think.


we have a few little runs like from 40-80 "not the best for my A4" But just to see what it was pushing. the 1st few races and we are DEAD even up till 80 and i SLOWLY begin my pull. I want more. so dose he.

we go back to 281.

25 role. "my sweet spot" 3 honks and we are off. We stay dead even until about 80mph. i start to pull and at about 115 i only have 1.5-2 cars on the guy. We pull over and chit chat. cool guy

He popped his hood and i could not see a turbo. well. he was N/A. that blew my mind. he had cams and bolt ons if i remember correctly and says he runs a 13.3 1/4 mile witch is very true i think. he earned my respect with that car. Best race i have had so far. Heavy props to it.

i have been having alot of races so far. this one the best
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