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We had 4 inches of wet snow here in central PA today. I had the GTO in snow for the first time on a 40 mile commute. Not too bad really. The stock tires clog up with snow easily but the car handles very predictably, no tail slides. The weight may be working for us here. I had a little trouble in the parking lot at work navigating 4 inches of unplowed snow but the traction control helped and once I was out on well traveled roads no drama at all. I think with a set of snow tires, the GTO will do fine in the snow. Stay off the gas and brake. Give yourself plenty of room and slow down. No worries.

The GTO is basically the same as my Volvo 850 Turbo (front drive). That car was hopeless with the stock Michelin MXM Pilots. I put on a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks and what a difference.

By the way, I saw two accidents on my way home.
#1 = Buick front drive sedan and a Ford 4X4 pickup.
#2 = Caddy Escalade going offroad all by himself.

Anyone else see a common theme here?

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Here in Michigan I was a bit white knuckled at first, but you've got the right idea. You drive it VERY different in snow...downshift to stop, no sudden moves, take it slower. Feel like an old lady driving it in snow & never got stuck, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I can let loose in spring/summer/fall!! Will consider winter tires next year, from what I've heard, makes a big diff. Thought we'd try it for the first winter and see. It seems better in snow w/ a full tank of gas, obviously the weight sitting on the rear axle. I just make sure if there's several inches predicted, I fill her up.
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