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Wow was it hot and humid and slow.

A group of friends requested that I show up or I wouldn't have gone.

Low 90's and high (over 80%) humidity.

I made 2 passes and got a 13.6 with pitiful traction and no cool down time from when I pulled up. 2.14 60' and only 104 mph on the trap.

Second pass I ran a SRT4. Really cool guy that hit a 000 reaction time and clocked a 13.24 versus my 13.49.

The little SRT4 had an exhaust mod, intake, up and down pipes and the turbo turned up. He didn't say how much boost, but he did say it was at the limit of the stock turbo. He said he normally runs 12.5-12.7.

A stock S197 Mustang GT ran a couple 14.5 passes.

There was a nice Impulse Blue GTO there. I didn't get to talk to the guy, but he was running some great times. I saw a couple 12.7's. I think he had headers and an exhaust, he had DR's and the car launched real flat so maybe some drag bags.

There wasn't very many people there due to the heat so it wasn't too exciting.

A stock 09 WRX ran 14.5's, my friend with the S197 Mustang ran 13.6-13.7. He has the superchips tuner, intake, catback, headers and 3.73 gears. Before the headers and gears we were about a second apart and now it's 2-3 tenths so he's slowly catching me. I can't wait for him to beat me. It's the 3.42 gears from the stock 2.73's, headers, a torque converter, panhard bar control arms and drag bags and that should get me close to 11's. He'll need NOS or FI then which means that opens the door for me to do the same.

Darn heat!!!!!!! Stupid Humidity!!!!!!!!!
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