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I am the one who posted the thread "dealer crying abuse", as everyone on here is probably aware, lol. I didnt reply to that post for this issue because there were over 5 pages of replies to that already, lol. But I picked up my car today after the tranny was rebuilt, and the tranny is fine but I noticed 2 things. The first thing is that I can now smell antifreeze. The 2nd thing is that there is alot of play in the steering wheel and it almost feels like there is something loose. I go around a corner and it feels like the car is going to give out. It definatley wasnt like this when I took it there, and after the circus I went through at the dealership becasue I had bald tires and said I abused the tranny, I can see them now telling me that I abused the cooling system and the suspension. Anyone have any thoughts.
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