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So, I thought I would rotate my tires today since the back ones are obviously quite worn (thanks to the fact that I always turn off my T/C :-> ). I got out the tire iron from the trunk and tried loosening the lug nuts by hand. No go, so I use my body weight start jumping on it. One budged loose. So I move to number to, and as I jump, I feel the wrench moving down, so I'm glad to know I'm making progress. Then as I look down, I see I've just bent the wrench and the lug nut is still on as tight as can be. Good thing I wasn't on the side of the road in sub zero temperatures (as I will be driving to Montana this week where it's -50 with wind chill). So, I'm gonna go up to the dealer, have them loosen the lug nuts on all the wheels so that a human being can remove them if necessary, and make them order me a new tire iron. I see no reason why I should have to pay for a new one. Either them Aussies are damn strong or they need to lighten the torque on their lug wrenches.
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